BookTrust HomeTime reading of Knight Sir Louis

September, 2020
Here I am reading Chapter 6 of Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel for the BookTrust. Published by Guppy Books. You can ORDER Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel from: 🏰Blackwells: 🏰Waterstones: 🏰Amazon: 🏰Hive: OR from your local independent bookshop!

Middle Grade Inspirations

July, 2020

Here is a video I made for publisher Guppy Books. I shares some middle grade funny fiction inspirations for our new series, Knight Sir Louis (illustrated by my brother, Greg). From childhood classics Roald Dahl and Asterix to more recent books like Wimpy Kid and the Penny Dreadful series by Joanna Nadin.

Circle Square Commissioned

Circle Square - Wyndley Animation
July, 2020

The preschool show ‘Circle Square’ that I developed with my brother Greg has been picked up by Milkshake! We’re making it under the banner of a new company Wyndley Animation set up with our producers Erica Darby and Helen Brunsdon. You can read more about the news at these places:

Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel

Knight Sir Louis
June, 2020

Our book has been printed, ahead of its August publication. You can pre-order it already from all the usual places.
OR from your local independent bookshop!

The Witch and the Baby Awards

Witch and the Baby Awards
May, 2020

The short animated film I co-wrote with director Evgenia Golubeva has so far picked up two audience awards! You can also see Evgenia and I (and our dog Astra) talking about the film for the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film.

Colour Box AUDIENCE AWARD at Flatpack Film Festival 2020

Young Jury BEST ANIMATED SHORT FILM at Leeds Young Film Festival 2020


Haiku Workshop with Guppy Books

April, 2020

I’ve done a Haiku workshop with Guppy Books. They are publishing my first children’s book Knights Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel in August 2020. Check out the Facebook page here with plenty of goodies.

The Saskatoons

The Saskatoons
April, 2020

I co-created this adventure series for 6+ year olds with writer-illustrator Evgenia Golubeva. We are working with the fantastic Sardinha em Lata studio in Lisbon, Portugal on the development of the series. As of April 2020, we have prepared a pitch bible and pilot script. I’m also voice directing the pilot and providing some of the voices.

Poem in the Caterpillar Spring 2020

Caterpillar Magazine
March, 2020

My poem ‘The Shortest Story’ features in the Spring 2020 edition of the Caterpillar Magazine.

Writing Cooperative Interview – Write Now

Myles McLeod. Photo by Lucy Barriball
February, 2020

I recently gave an interview to the Writing Cooperative over on Check it out HERE.

Chippy Hood series writer

Chippy Hood
February, 2020

I had great fun writing a bunch of episodes for this wonderful TV show Chippy Hood in 2019-20. It’s going to be crazy, colourful and musical.

Article: 3 Ways to Write Your Book

January, 2020

Head over to for my article 3 Ways to Write Your Book where I examine the approaches well known authors take to planning their novels.

New Voice Actor Video Reel

January, 2020

I’ve updated my animation voice actor video reel. If you need a voice for your production check out my voice actor page and get in touch at

The Witch and the Baby

December, 2019

I co-wrote this short animation with director Evgenia Golubeva. I also provided the voice of the Witch and the King. The film is about to start its international film festival run. Watch the trailer on Vimeo HERE or above.

Knight Sir Louis announcement

November, 2019

Coming in June 2020. A middle-grade children’s book written by me and illustrated by my brother Greg. Knight Sir Louis is the story of a brave knight in a bonkers world. Here’s the trailer:

New Voice Showreels

October, 2019

I’ve just updated two of my voice showreels. Check out my voice actor page on The Brothers McLeod website.

Thanks to Spesh Maloney

Percy’s Tiger Tales Specials

Percy's Tiger Tales
September, 2019

I wrote 19 episodes of this show a few years back as well as helping to develop the show and write the animation bible. Now there are four new 25 minute specials in the works and I’m writing two of them.

Starship Impossible

July, 2019

Here’s a fun lo-fi animation from The Brothers McLeod. I wrote the script and performed all the voices. My brother Greg McLeod developed this super quick style to produce fun, YouTube friendly videos.

Teaching in Armenia

Myles McLeod at TUMO Center
July, 2019

I taught a TV writing workshop for two weeks in the amazing TUMO centre in Yerevan, Armenia. I had great students, the staff were super supportive, and I even met the Deputy Governor of California!

Best Bugs Forever. Disney Series Writer

best bugs forever
June, 2019

I wrote two episodes for this Disney Channel show Best Bugs Forever with writing partner Evgenia Golubeva.

New Poem in Caterpillar Magazine

Caterpillar Magazine
June, 2019

My poem ‘Crinkle, Crinkle, Little Sock’ features in Issue 25, the Summer 2019 edition. More poems were previously published in Issues 9, 19, 20, 22, and 23.

Dinosaur poem published

Dragons of the Prime
April, 2019

A new anthology of dinosaur poems published by Emma Press features one of my poems for children entitled Roar, roar, T.rex. Pre-order your copy now direct from the Emma Press.

Apollo’s Tall Tales series writer

Apollo's Tall Tales
April, 2019

Myles co-wrote an episode of this French show Apollon le grillon et les drôles de petites bêtes with Evgenia Golubeva. Their episode Fired! premiered 13 April 2019 on France 5.

Mouse Mansion adaptation

Mouse Mansion. Sam and Julia
April, 2019

Adapting the Mouse Mansion books by Karina Schaapman for TV. Developing the world and characters. Writing the TV Bible. Writing 3 x 22′ specials.

Ninja Express

Ninja Express
April, 2019

TV series scriptwriter for animation comedy show aimed at 6+ children. It’s a show about three ninjas running an unusual delivery service, produced by France’s Frog Box and Belgium’s Creative Conspiracy.

New Children’s Poetry Collection

March, 2019

A collection of 48 fun poems available in paperback or for Kindle. Illustrated by Wilm Lindenblatt. What does a dinosaur eat for breakfast? What is the shortest story ever? What kind of music do cows like? What happened to the little shark? Did you hear about the lazy witch? Singalongabingbong is a collection of fun and funny poems for children. Available internationally through Amazon and the Book Depository.

BAFTA Film Award nomination

February, 2019

The Brothers McLeod were nominated for Best British Short Animation at the BAFTA Film Awards for our short film Marfa. Myles wrote the poem for the film.

Pilot episode for Millie and Lou

Millie and Lou Blue Zoo
February, 2019

Evgenia Golubeva and I worked on the pilot script for this charming preschool animation show for Blue Zoo Productions Ltd. Created by the splendid duo Rory Cooke and Mandy Wong.

Kit ‘n’ Kate Series Writer

Kit n Kate
February, 2019

I’ve co-written several episodes of Kit ‘n’ Kate series two with Evgenia Golubeva.

Digby Dragon Series Two

Smart Mungo
January, 2019

I co-wrote (with Evgenia Golubeva) two episodes for Milkshake / Nick Jnr series two of Digby Dragon.

Poetry Picture Club

Poetry Picture Club
January, 2019

I worked with comic artist and illustrator Wilm Lindenblatt to produce one illustrated poem for every week of 2018. The end result is this beautifully illustrated A4 paperback: Poetry Picture Club. Available to purchase from

Manchester Animation Festival IEA Award Nominee

Industry Excellence Award nominee
November, 2018

Evgenia Golubeva and I were nominated for an Industry Excellence Award in Scriptwriting for our script for Becca’s Bunch entitled Cute Lil’ Bug.

Comedy Sketch – Other Paul

August, 2018

Here’s a short comedy sketch I wrote, animated by the other half of The Brothers McLeod, Greg. Voices by me and the marvellous Susan Husband.

Becca’s Bunch series writer

Becca's Bunch
July, 2018

Evgenia Golubeva and I co-wrote two episodes of Becca’s Bunch for Nick Jnr. Produced by Jam Media.

Marfa premieres at Sundance

January, 2018

Marfa is a short animation by The Brothers McLeod. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2018. It was later nominated for a BAFTA Film Award for Best British Short Animation. Myles wrote the poem for the film and co-directed. Myles’ brother Greg directed, illustrated and animated the whole film after visiting Marfa in 2014. Check out Greg’s illustration website. Watch the film on Vimeo.

Hey Duggee The Spooky Badge writer

The Spooky Badge by Myles McLeod for Hey Duggee
October, 2017

I wrote The Spooky Badge for series two of Hey Duggee. The episode was later used as inspiration for a mobile App.

Cats a Feline Compendium

Cats a feline compendium
September, 2017

Published by Penguin imprint Square Peg. Co-written with Fenella Smith. Illustrated by award winning illustrator brother Greg McLeod.

A lighthearted look at our feline friends and their most amusing (and infuriating) habits.
Over 140 entries delightfully illustrate a wealth of cat breeds – from the attention-loving Siamese to the playful Exotic Shorthair – followed by an extensive cat dictionary, which finally defines those characteristic behaviours and cat-related incidents that all cat lovers will recognise.

Create Your Own Universe published

Create Your Own Universe
March, 2017

If you have ever wanted to create a comic, graphic novel, animation, film, television series, or even a book, then Create Your Own Universe is here to help you get started. Published by LOM Art. Created by the BAFTA award-winning animation team The Brothers McLeod. Also translated and published in Czech Republic, China, and Russia.

Digby Dragon series writer

Digby Dragon Series One
July, 2016

I wrote two episodes for the first series of Digby Dragon. Produced by Blue Zoo for Nick Jnr. Digby No Dragon and Dragon Rock.

The Inverted Peak – short film

April, 2016

I wrote the poem and co-directed this short film from The Brothers McLeod and Tom Angell.

DreamWorks Noddy developed by Myles McLeod

noddy toyland detective
April, 2016

Myles co-developed Noddy Toyland Detective with producer Heath Kenny for DreamWorks. Myles helped to define the world, and created a number of new characters including Deltoid, Smartysaurus, Fuse, Pat-Pat and the Pockets, and The Naughticorns. Myles also wrote the pilot script, and five further scripts for series one.

A Book of Brilliant Ideas

October, 2015

An interactive creativity book by The Brothers McLeod. Published by Michael O’Mara books in the UK. Also available in the USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and beyond!

Clangers series writer

June, 2015

I wrote two scripts for the reboot of Clangers. This was something very special for me having grown up with the wonderful animations of Postgate and Firmin. My first script The Crystal Trees was later adapted into a board book. Narrated by Michael Palin in the UK and William Shatner in the USA.

Breeds a Canine Compendium book

Breeds Book
September, 2014

A fun book about dog breeds. Great as a gift for dog-lovers! Co-written with my sister Fenella Smith. Illustrated by my brother Greg McLeod. Published by Square Peg, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Translated and published in Italian (Bau!), German (Wuff!), Japanese, French (Quel Chien!). Also available in the USA from Flatiron.

Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee - The Hair Badge
June, 2014

TV series writer for series one of Hey Duggee as seen on CBeebies and beyond. My scripts include The Summer Holiday Badge, The Castle Badge, The Hair Badge and The Sandcastle Badge. The Sandcastle Badge was later adapted into a picture book.

BBC Writers Room Finalist

BBC Writersroom
July, 2013

In 2013 Myles was one of 27 finalists for the BBC Writers Room. His half-hour live action drama was selected from 2800 submissions. His script was subsequently optioned for development by CBBC.

What’s the Big Idea? series writer

what's the big idea
March, 2013

Myles wrote six episodes of this preschool show introducing philosophical thinking to children. It aired on Cbeebies in the UK.

Starship Impossible at Sitcom Trials

sitcom trials
November, 2012

I wrote an original half hour sci-fi comedy called Starship Impossible. You can listen to the whole pilot on SoundCloud. It was selected for the Sitcom Trials. Performers on the night included Alexander Perkins, Susan Husband and Myles McLeod. Sound cues by Gavin Heaney.

Tilly and Friends series writer

Tilly and Friends
September, 2012

I wrote four episodes of Tilly and Friends (Jam Media / Cbeebies). Based on the books by Polly Dunbar. My episodes were Doodle Wants to Play, Hector Wants to Win, Hector Learns to Juggle and Pru and the Bangle.

The Approximate History of Maths for BBC

May, 2012

I wrote this hour long script for BBC Learning. It breaks down into chunks for a 6+ audience. It’s all about the History of Maths from the Babylonians to Pythagoras to Modern Computing. Produced by The Brothers McLeod. I also provided a number of the voices.

Percy’s Tiger Tales series bible

Percy's Tiger Tales
April, 2012

I wrote the series bible for this show for Fabrique D’Images in Luxembourg. I also wrote the pilot script and a further 18 of the 52 series episodes.

Phone Home on Channel 4

April, 2012

This was a short film I wrote for Random Acts. Voices by Greg McHugh and Lucy Montgomery. Designed by Greg McLeod. Directed by The Brothers McLeod. Screened on Channel 4. Staff Picks on Vimeo. Watch it here.

Billy’s Bloggerel for the Royal Shakespeare Company

Billy Shakespeare and Francis the pig
January, 2012

I was commissioned to write eight poems for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s myshakespeare website as part of the World Shakespeare Festival 2012. Each poem explored as aspect of the much asked question: where do ideas come from? The poems were written as though by Billy Shakespeare and Francis the Pig, characters created by myself and my brother for the RSC.

BAFTA Award winner

2011 BAFTA Children's Awards
November, 2011

In 2011, Myles won a BAFTA along with his brother for their work on BBC Learning project Quiff and Boot. They created, wrote, produced, and directed the 22 x 2 minute series.

Octonauts Series Writer

October, 2010

I wrote ‘Remipedes’ for series one of Octonauts. I have a degree in Zoology so this was a great opportunity.

Webby Award

Webby 2009
June, 2009

My brother an I were part of the team that won a Webby in the Web – Youth category in 2009. The Brothers McLeod wrote, animated and directed the five Art Sparks films for the Tate. The films were aimed at children and featured five modern works of art. Tate Kids Editor was Sharna Jackson.

Pedro and Frankensheep Development

Pedro and Frankensheep
February, 2008

Pedro and Frankensheep was a show concept created by Producer Phil Cooper. Designed and Directed by my brother Greg McLeod. I worked to further define the character personalities, wrote the pilot script and a further nine scripts. I wrote and performed the songs for the show. I also voiced some of the characters, including Frankensheep himself.

Trivia: the cartoon featured in Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library!

SpongeBob PlayStation Writer

October, 2007

I was engaged to write dialogue for this official SpongeBob SquarePants game. I wrote over 4,000 lines of dialogue for SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton and the other characters. It was produced by Blitz Games and released on PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

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